Welcome to PTRCBD Physiotherapy & Fitness Center.

About Us

About PTRC

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre (PTRC) at Dhaka Center focus on providing effective, patient-centered rehabilitation and therapy in a friendly environment. Personalized treatment programs delivered by a consistent group of medical professionals with clinical expertise and genuine care and compassion make patients and others throughout the Dhaka City for physical therapy and rehabilitation services. As a result of its patient-centered approach and commitment to exceptional patient service, PTRC Center has been consistently providing top facilities for out patient’s rehabilitation.

Our Approach

The experienced staff at PTRC Physiotherapy and Fitness Center is dedicated to getting patients better by solving each patient’s specific issues.

“We don’t rush appointments; we want to make sure that each patient gets the care and treatment they need and deserve to get back to their optimal level of function,” explains owner and physiotherapist Umma Shaila Rumki.

“We combine evidence-based physiotherapy with a holistic wellness philosophy and adapt our care to each patient’s specific needs.”

With a Mission of providing life-long care, the staff at both clinics blend an emphasis on sound evidence-based intervention with a creative problem-solving approach.

Treatments are largely focused on a combination of one-on-one manual therapy techniques combined with therapeutic exercise. The physiotherapists are also competent and may provide other pain modalities in conjunction with treatment to provide complimentary healing support.
Recognized for their program dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries associated with sports and athletics, PTRC Physiotherapy and Fitness Center staffers use their diverse multi-sport backgrounds and knowledge of exercise physiology to create customized programs of care.

“Our goal is to return patients to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Md. Rakibul Islam. “While at the same time focusing on each patient’s individual needs.”

What to expect

"I always feel very satisfied and encouraged with my visits because of the supportive attitude of the staff, the quality and range of the facilities and the general ambiance of the Centre."

We place an emphasis on rehabilitation as our objective is to relieve your pain and restore function. We will do this by carrying out an initial assessment and discussing with you what you would like to achieve. Together, we will set some goals.

What will happen
Your first appointment will be with a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will carry out a full assessment and physical examination to establish the cause and nature of your condition. The appointment will last for 45 minutes.

From this assessment, we will work to clinically reason and diagnose the problem, ensuring you gain as much understanding of the condition as possible. We will assess your needs and work with you to design an individual treatment programme that works for you.

Even if another professional has diagnosed you with a particular condition, we will still need to carry out our own assessment. This is because we relate your assessment directly to the treatment that we can provide.

If you have been treated by us previously but have not visited for over two months or have recently had surgery, we may need to reassess you because your symptoms or health may have changed.

Physiotherapy Treatment List

  • OUR ACHIEVEMENTWe are recognized as a leader in manual therapy based treatment in the Uttara Region in the last year.
  • PTRC STATEMENTWe will be recognized as a leader in Manual therapy based treatment in the whole Dhaka and Bangladesh in 2016. No Physician referral is necessary to see a Physiotherapist. A Physiotherapist can see a patient as a first contract practioner.
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TREATMENT CHARGEFirst Session: Assessment with treatment: 1200 Tk Per Session: 700 Tk
  • SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY TREATMENT CHARGEFirst Session: Assessment with treatment: 1200 Tk Per Session: 700 Tk

Treatment Charge


First Day: Assessment with Treatment: 500 Tk.

Per Session: 500 Tk

For Neurological Conditions (Stroke, Bell’s palsy, GBS, SCI, Parkinson disease, Motor neuron disease, Head injury, CP etc)

First Session: Assessment with treatment: 500 Tk

Per Session: 500 Tk

For Pediatric Conditions (DMD, Down syndrome, Autism etc)

First Session: Assessment with treatment: 500 Tk

Per Session: 500 Tk

Geriatric Conditions (Dementia, Arthritis, Osteoporosis etc)

First Session: Assessment with treatment: 500 Tk

Per Session: 500 Tk

Sports Injury Conditions (Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Mallet injury etc)

First Session: Assessment with treatment: 500 Tk

Per Session: 500 Tk

Corporate Physiotherapy Service: 800tk per Session